Aug. 21st, 2009

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And finally - a vacation day. A day back at the marina, kids soaking in the pool, men practicing on the big boat. Leisurely chit-chat, showers on land, mango ice cream.

Vic says that the boat docked next to us is a swingers tour thingy. Captain, his wife and up to four couples. That explains the couples we've seen on the beach who seemed rather more in love than... well, than we are after a few nights on that boat. OF course it would be hysterically funny if this is a church outing and Vic is having a bit of quiet fun at our expense. And their captain probably told them the same thing about us too.

A blond boy in his 20s with a bit more mature looking girl - maybe late 20s. Or maybe it's just unflattering wet hair. She wanted to lie by the pool. He wanted what any 20s boy wants faced with a girl in a bikini. To play. Quite cute to watch. A couple of hours later they were walking back from the boat, looking more content, but he was still possessively hovering over his prey.

The dive shop sells stickers "What happens in Virgin Gorda stays in Virgin Gorda".


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