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A long day with a lot of things again. The guys had their written exam in the morning with all the associated nail-biting, while Vic regaled us with more stories. New term - "Deck Fluff" - the girls in bikinis lounging on the deck.

Then a bit more running around between marinas, ice bags and wet shoes and we were deposited for another afternoon on a beach - deserted of course, with a closed bar and a huge blue and yellow parrot in what looked like a chicken coop. He was louder than most chickens though, and his friens and family visited him for a screech.

Then, after they had enough torture, docking and mooring the guys came back for us and we sailed to the caves to snorkel. Amazing, of course, dark and majestic with a lot of pretty fishes and I'm so glad I took the orange floaty thingy - I felt a lot better having it and concentrating on the view (and occasionally leaky mask) and not the swimming process.

My sunburn is a lot better, there's even hope that it would turn to a tan.

Along with the sailing certificate and sunburn I seem to have also acquired some bartender cred. Apparently by the virtue of having bought those mixes and liking vodka more than rum. Oh, well, we'll see about that. I'm restless, can't find my camera and anxious about packing and travel in the morning. Though there will be an air-conditioned shower as a promised reward.