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And then some days are busier than others. Vic has indulged the tourists today. The Baths with the those big beautiful rocks were supposed to be touristy. Only he let us off the dinghy in rather heavy surf a few dozen feet from the shore. Should have been easy swim - but wasn't. Good thing I didn't bring the camera - it would have been dead. So there are no pictures of the beautiful caves. There are some of the four giant horrible looking bruises on my butt. They were pointed out to me when we were sitting on the net enjoying the sailing to the Baths. I have no idea where I got my rear end so abused. So, after another swim back to the dinghy and a dive nose-first into it - bruised butt and all, we proceeded to the next tourist trap - snorkeling spots. The sailing really is beautiful and fun and quite exotic. And the Baths are very pretty and romantic - if you don't have to chase the leader who's on the mission to accomplish and isn't waiting for anyone, or a kid who's been scared by the surf and doesn't want to do the swim back. Very romantic.

Beautiful green tinted sunlight filtering through between the giant boulders. I wish I had the camera and didn't have shoes, they were just in the way. At least I have a post card of the baths.

Somewhere around there I decided that still don't have a tan and the trip is almost over. So I worked on the tan, between the tourist traps.

Snorkeling actually wasn't all that great. The surf is rough today and the current was strong. There were some pretty corals and colorful fishies - but not enough to justify nosefuls of sea water. Not suffieciently turquoise and calm to be properly touristy. Next number of teh program, after another long sail and more sunburn, was Tortola again, another side of it - a quick run for the ice cream, a few hundred calories I ddidn't even want and a run back.

Then more sailing, the anchoring exercises that nearly left me a widow. He's certainly having a day today. So, between heavy wind, the sunburn and all those adventures I find myself surprisingly bored and restless. I don't know what I want, but it certainly isn't here.

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