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2:30 am
Packing largely done, after many hours. Is going to bed worth it?

2:47 am
IM from M. - "Crisis". There might be a hurricane. Are we still going anywhere? Tracking weather in Tortola on web pages...

3:47 am
Whatever. Might as well lie down for an hour. We'll check again from the layover in Philly and if it's cancelled, maybe we'll just change the tickets and go to Miami instead. With a hundred pounds of supplies in the luggage.

Up at 4:30, bags, last minute packs, cheese, shoes, snacks. Airport, Philly, phone, weather, take a chance, running, running, running...

1pm, we're in St.Thomas. One man band is playing reggae. A lovely woman next to him is handing out rum shots. Danka managed to get the bag off the carousel that weights more than he does, to complete surprise of all, including us. And we wait. Some time past 3 our friends are finally here and the adventure begins. Taxi looks like a tour bus, those little jobbies with open benches. A ferry. Customs at Tortola. "Who's in charge?" - "That would be me" - "That's what he thinks." And this is classic islands - right hand side driving, howling music, maniac turns. Kids love it.

The boat is smaller than I expected. And it's a catamaran. And what the hell is it's name - Athena or Excalibur? Or both?And how are we going to stow all that crap we have? And are we really expected to sleep *here*?

Vic the captain stopped by. Weather forecast is unclear - depression, storm, two of them?

We're going out for dinner. It's burgers, there's nothing else open. My first beer - if I had more than 40 min. of sleep I might notice it more. I can't even taste anything except lime. I'm not even sleepy. I'm just largely already passed out.

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