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Well, sleep is a fabulous thing. Life is downright bearable. Another short stop at the marina ("Beware the cat!") and we're off to practice more sailing. I don't think I'll ever again look at those glamorous white boats without thinking of the drudgery, the garbage bags and all those wet towels.

Vic came back from sailing with the guys and took me sailing! I got to tack, jibe and tie various bits of rope to various bits of metal. Then untie them again. Fun. Then we had the written portion of the test, I aced it, ho-hum, I'm good with tests. Well, there were a few questions where I sort of guessed, but I got it! I'm good with theory. Tomorrow more practice, that rather scares me.

Everyone else went swimming to the island, and I only had time for a dip. But I think I might actually get this. Now I can finally read all those books on my Kindle, and lay off the textbooks. Yippie. I can't believe it's actually my vacation.

After dinner Vic took to telling stories. He doesn't care about us, we're just a few faces in the endless chain, we aren't particularly rich or famous or eccentric. We're just typical customers. But after a few days together, a few meals and drinks - he warmed up enough to talk. And what a story does he spin! There's no way remember the storylines, but it's Jack London, Joseph Conrad brand of romantic. Or as he himself put it "I'm a practical romantic". If he didn't look so much like Santa I'd have a crush already. I might anyway.


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