Aug. 20th, 2009

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The time has fallen into the bits of the indolent, punctuated by food. Before breakfast, until lunch, after lunch, dinner time, evening. It's probably logical, but it annoys me, I want long term deadlines that are not dependent on my lunch, where lunch is a side thought, not the main event. Adventures are all well and good, but this one has too much food in it. And the thought that pasta is going home with us anyway...

We sent postcards from the marina, bought t-shirts and pirate stickers, and generally wasted the morning half of the day in touristy pursuits. After lunch the non-sailing portions of the party headed to the deserted resort and we went to practice sailing in the squib. We're in a lovely spot here, in season it must be really busy, but now it's deserted, festooned with the "Closed for the season" signs and very very calm.

I tacked, jibed and moored with the guys, and actually learned stuff. If the go again I'd probably be able to do it better. The guys are really getting good. Then I drove the dingy and docked it! Pretty much by myself, except I didn't know how, so I had running instruction.

The resorts off season are so comforting. I love it, really. Probably comes from growing up on one.

My bartender/short cook job is secure. I'm trusted with tuna salad and drinks. Last night I was busy with kids - so there was wine and nothing else. Today it's a new variation on Ferdinands - more lemon and lime. Goes rather well with cheese sticks, diary writing and half listening to security procedures class for Coastal Cruising.


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