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The nights are definitely competing with days for excitement. The starry sky is magnificent, meteor shower (Perseids?) going on now, Milky Way resplendent... since I'm not sleeping anyway, might as well enjoy it.
Crying child, can't sleep. Comforted child, got myself locked in the head. Door stuck. "Papa is swearing."
And I thought the birds at home at 4am were a nuisance. At least they have pleasant voices. Seagulls do NOT.
Coffee. Sailing back. Vic likes oatmeal, how sporting of him. After one child dove off the boat fully dressed to save the hat dropped by another I had to get involved. Reading about rigging.

I don't like this Domostroy. They go sailing and we make lunch? G. fell off. More studying after lunch. Navigation studies include compulsory manicure - cut them or tear them. Oh, the sacrifices. If I don't get certified after this!..

It says something about a trip if the highlights of it are the showers. Another marina, another pool, showers suck, coffee shop closed.

Somehow buying a box of dry mixes got me appointed the bartender of this gig. Weak vodka margaritas followed by "Ferdinand" - Vic's special recipe. Orange/rum/cranberry in 3/2/1 proportion. Of course it was too sweet, I doused it with lemon - now I need a new name for it. Franz?

Still, washing dishes off a greasy deck in the dark is an... adventure. If you have the right attitude. Which, Vic says, is the difference between adventure and adversity.


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