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"And how was your miserable night?" I was greeted in the morning. It wasn't as miserable as the first one, but not the kind of night I want on vacation.

Morning of "ashore knowledge" - studying the sailing theory. I always wanted to know why they're called port and starboard - and now I do! It's because before rudders there were steering boards, and they were to the side of the boat. And docking in port was obviously done on the other side - the one without the sticking out board. And then a convention was accepted that the board goes on the right and docking, correspondingly, on the left side. So they are the port side and the 'steer board' side. Vic rules. A veritable found of nautical lore.

The tropical depression has eased and we might move out tomorrow, and spend todays afternoon in the town. But not before I take another shower. I'll miss this shower. The trip to town seems like an afterthought, but it's probably a good idea. A miserably poor island town, with exorbitant prices and oddly unfriendly population. Had an argument and an ice cream and headed back to leave today. Plans seem to have a life of their own here.

The sailing part is still great, upfront, bouncing on waves. Magnificent.

With all due respect for gourmet cooking - I could do without it. But if we're doing it - so be it. Red cabbage gets the almonds crushed by the back of diving dagger, the drinks are mixed in the sports bottle (we're conserving electricity and blender is a hog), champagne comes in coffee mugs and rib bones get thrown overboard to fish and birds.

Vic is making bananas foster for us tonight. Including a dairy-free version, which is very nice of him. The rum flames, the cinnamon sparkles and banana peels get thrown to seagulls. Kids hate bananas foster.

There's a graffiti on the door of the ladies room in the marina. "Where is the purse hook?" and a picture of a hook - and in another handwriting "Stolen by pirates, arrr!" with a picture of pirate, arm attached to the hook. I find it charming, nobody else seems to share my amusement.
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