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OK, so they were right, trying to sleep here *is* brutal. Hot, stuffy, no air at all. Men are sleeping out on the deck. At least until it starts raining, which is about every 3 hours, then everyone starts running around closing hatches and moving still packed bags inside. The only reason I even consider it sleeping, is because I was largely unconscious anyway.

Unpacking, oatmeal for kids, there's a pool, let's check it out. Captain Vic stops by with sailing lore. Hulls rock, cats twitch. I can tell I'll like Vic. Kids observe - Vic looks like Santa Claus! Well, the version from those scary indie cartoons anyway. Or maybe an aged Blackbeard.

Pool, tan, swim, nice and easy... until we have to run again - we're going sailing before the storm hits!

I always wanted to sit on the deck of a moving boat! It's so fun! Though on the engine, not sailing. Parked in an unremarkably picturesque bay, across from a local pirate ship tourist trap. The brave and the irresponsible are swimming over there. The rest of us are making lunch. Bleh.

Vic took the dinghy over to help them back, and then we all snorkel. Barry the barracuda keeps the kids busy, the most common trash on the sea floor is bottles, so is the most common plant. Looks like an upside down champagne bottle, waving gently in the currents. I saw a sting ray, but the kids scared it away.

What an odd dinner. A perfect shrimp Caesar, served from a garbage bag, drinks from a powder mix, prepared by yours truly and pasta for kids. The showers in the marina are the most comfortable part of this deal so far. I don't have any reason to hope this night will be any better than yesterday, but it would be so nice...
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